Orangutan has been the most awarded Arizona heating and cooling company air since 1993 offering air conditioning repair, installation and servicing as well as heating repairs and HVAC services. Our highly trained expert technicians deliver unparalleled heating and cooling service within the Arizona cities of Phoenix, Scottsdale and Tucson AZ.

Keeping Your Phoenix AZ Home Cool

Maintaining your air conditioning unit is of paramount importance in the harsh summer temperatures that we typically record here in Arizona. Scheduling an A/C Service or Repair call with our Service Center will ensure that your cooling system performs in optimal condition throughout the hot summer months and maintains your home, your family and your pets in proper cooling.

Every year, air conditioning repair contractors in Arizona receive a rush of calls to fix A/C units when the weather spikes, sometimes leading to delays in restoring home or office cooling systems. Make sure that your AC unit is properly serviced prior to the summer months and avoid possibly larger repair bills and troubleshooting callouts.

Air Quality

Your Heating and Air Conditioning unit is one of the primary means of maintaining air quality in your home. Changing air filters regularly (usually once a month) will help the flow of air through your cooling system and avoid any build up of dust.

More HVAC Tips

Prior to the winter months, ensure that your furnace or boiler is operating properly prior to really needing it. Arizona weather can sometimes turn quickly from hot summer months to cooler winter evenings, and arranging a routine maintenance check can avoid the potentially higher cost of furnace repairs when the cold weather hits.

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