As a trusted source for air conditioner repair in Phoenix AZ, we know that people like to have the inside scoop about home air conditioning systems. However, you can’t believe everything that you hear! Today we’re sharing our favorite not-quite-true air conditioning myths in hopes to help spread the truth about what works and what doesn’t when it comes to air conditioning.

  • You should replace your AC filter once a year. False! Actually, you should change your air filters monthly or at the very least every three months. If your home has pets or people with allergies, you should definitely make sure you’re changing your air filter on a regular basis. Dirty air filters inhibit air flow and force your AC to work overtime, reducing its efficiency and increasing your energy costs.
  • Cranking your thermostat will cool your house faster. False again! Your AC doesn’t work harder just because you’ve lowered the temperature on the thermostat. The thermostat heats and cools the house at a set rate regardless of the temperature setting.
  • Turning your AC off while you’re at work saves money and energy. This one is actually half true! Turning off the air conditioner while you’re at work does indeed save energy but it also forces your AC to work much harder when it’s finally turned back on. If you’re trying to save money when you’re not home, adjust the setting less dramatically in the mornings before you leave by only 5-6 degrees. This makes it easier for the A/C to cool off your house at night.