While it is certainly a small part of your home, your thermostat plays a pretty big role in the overall comfort and cost of heating and cooling your home. As a trusted Phoenix AZ air conditioner repair company, we’ve noticed that there’s a few myths floating around about that little but powerful instrument in our homes. Today we’re setting the record straight and debunking a few thermostat myths.

  • The Myth: Your furnace or air conditioner has to work a lot harder to warm or cool a space to a comfortable temperature after the thermostat has been set back, meaning you haven’t really saved much on energy costs. The facts? If the temperature is set at energy saving set points for longer periods of time during the day when no one is home or at night after bedtime, a significant amount of energy and/or fuel is saved over letting the unit run to maintain the desired comfortable temperature.
  • The Myth: If your house isn’t being cooled or heated to a comfortable temperature, despite the thermostat settings, the thermostat must be broken. The facts? More often than not, if your home isn’t reaching a desired temperature, it isn’t your thermostat but rather your heating or cooling system – or even a ductwork issue. It’s important that you contact a professional who can accurately diagnose the issue.
  • The Myth: Where your thermostat is located isn’t that important to its ability to function properly. The facts? The location of your thermostat is very important. Its environment can significantly influence its performance, which in turn, influences your comfort and the cost of keeping you comfortable.