There are certain home improvements that provide you with a multi-purpose utility. Whenever possible, it is recommended to maximize your home improvement investments to benefit you in other ways; today, we’ll share some helpful tips that can take some of the burden off of your air conditioner this summer – and maybe even save you some money!

Improvements Your Phoenix Home’s AC Will Thank You For

Of course, your air conditioner can’t actually thank you, but it can run more efficiently, last longer, and save you a good chunk of change when your energy bill comes in – which is probably thanks enough. If you’re wondering just which improvements give you the most bang for your buck, all while providing another benefit, read on!

Upgraded Windows

While this is a hefty expense, especially if your home has a large number of old, outdated windows, bear in mind that this home improvement will pay for itself over time. After all, adding new windows to a home makes it look and feel newer, which adds value if you go to sell or just like having company over. Likewise, modern windows are much, much more energy efficient, meaning that your cool air will be kept in and hot air will be kept out. Plus, many modern windows can open from the top-down or bottom-up (as you’re likely used to); using the former can allow heat to escape your rooms and make it easier for the AC to chill them down.

Add (Or Fix) Ceiling Fans

Someone has likely told you to turn off a fan whenever the air is on, but they likely didn’t know about the tremendous benefits a fan can provide. When you run a ceiling fan, it serves to “mix up” the air, which makes your forced air system have an easier time collecting the heated air, which would otherwise be accumulating near (and warming) the ceiling. Likewise, running a ceiling fan or two can allow you to set your thermostat higher, as it will make rooms feel cooler than they are. Plus, if that’s not enough, ceiling fans are incredibly energy efficient, even if they don’t provide a direct means for cooling a space.

Check That Thermostat

If you have an old-fashioned thermostat, then maybe it’s time to speak to your heating and air conditioning company about upgrading to a modern counterpart. While it may seem like just another new thing, the latest generation of thermostats can save you a boatload by knowing when to run your AC at your chosen comfort level and when to let the temperature in the home hang out a little higher. Don’t feel like you have to get the best, most expensive one either, as most of the new ones allow the same basic functionality, scheduling, and energy-efficient tools. Not only will you save energy on your bill for running the AC less, but you’ll work your system less hard, effectively lengthening its usable life.

Schedule & Perform Regular Maintenance

At least once per year, you should schedule a regular maintenance and tune-up with our committed team. In our previous blog, we spoke at length about the benefits of an Orangutan Home Services AC maintenance appointment, and we still stand by the tremendous amount of time and energy you can save by scheduling that appointment once per year. In addition, however, you can do basic things to keep up on your AC’s efficiency, especially correctly changing out your forced air system’s air filter as instructed by your AC repair technician; this may not seem like a big deal, but can have a dramatic impact on the amount of strain placed upon your system – not to mention the energy it consumes. Leave the big stuff to us, but small things like this can give you a huge return.

Find the Orange Difference

When you see one of our orange vans or trucks outside your home, you can rest assured that you are in good hands. In fact, our team was recently named the #1 Air Conditioning & Heating Contractors in the United States for the third straight year by HVAC News, making us the best out of over 80,000 contractors nationwide – and we’re an entirely local company, deeply rooted in the Phoenix area. There is plenty to say about what makes Orangutan Home Services different, but it’s best if you experience the difference for yourself.

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