Benefits of Proper Insulation

Proper attic insulation is important to keep your home efficiently warm in the winter and cool in the summer. This in turn will lead to lower energy bills which will save you money. Having adequate insulation will also lead to an increased value to your home. Being able to prove to buyers that the energy costs of your home are low will increase the value of your home especially living in Arizona. While proper insulation is not essential to your home, the benefits it provides will more then justify the cost.

How It Works

Insulation serves as a thermally resistant barrier which inhibits the migration of thermal energy into and out of the house.

During the summer the sun’s powerful rays radiate down onto our homes, the walls heat up and the temperature in the attic can rise to nearly 180 degrees. This heat enters the home and causes things to become quite uncomfortable. You then have two choices….turn on the air conditioning and watch the electric meter spin….or suffer with the heat. By turning on your air conditioning you essentially pump heat out of your home, but often the air conditioning can only keep up with the heat entering the home. Customers often complain of an air conditioning system that runs all day and never cools the house below 80 degrees….this is typical of a poorly insulated home. The solution is to reduce the heat coming into the home to start with. Additional insulation installed in your attic to R-38 will dramatically reduce the amount of heat infiltrating into your home; the house stays cooler, the air conditioning runs less.

Our HVAC experts can help you properly insulate your home.

Insulation works equally well in the winter, it’s amazingly effective when it comes to retaining heat. Just as insulation can block heat from entering the home in the summer, it works in the same way to keep the heat contained within the home during the winter. Homeowners frequently complain of cold homes and furnaces that never turn off….the heat escaping about as fast as the heater can produce heat. Once insulated, heat is retained within the home for hours longer. The result is a warmer home that uses less energy to stay warm. An additional benefit to an insulated home is that the air does not get processed as much through your furnace system, this means the air does not get dried out. Insulation also serves to reduce outside sound from entering the home. People near airports and schools often report dramatically less outside sound infiltrating.