This may come as a surprise, but most of our day isn’t spent repairing and replacing air conditioners in the Phoenix area – though that is a good portion. In reality, we more often than not are found performing maintenance and tune-up services to keep heating and air conditioning systems working to their fullest and safest for local home and business owners. Today, we’ll show you a bit under the hood at Orangutan Home Services, by explaining some of our AC tune-up services and their importance.

What You Get From an Orangutan AC Tune-Up

Whenever we suggest a homeowner contact us at least once a year for a tune-up and maintenance on their air conditioner, they typically respond by either looking at us with a blank stare or asking “why should I and what does that mean?” If you do or have done this, don’t worry, we’re used to it. Today, we’ll shine some light on why you should consider an annual tune-up to prevent repairs on your AC.

Our 20-Point Inspection

Nearly every problem that can cause your air conditioner to “go out” can either be prevented or detected during a routine maintenance and tune-up, provided the person performing the service knows what to look for. If you’re tired of calling for AC repair and never getting ahead of the problem, then our tune-up services are for you. To back this up, we created our A/C Maintenance 20-Point Inspection, during which we provide the following diagnostic services:

  • Check Thermostat Operation
  • Calculate Overall Operating Efficiency
  • Check and Measure Airflow
  • Inspect All Ducts
  • Check System Disconnect Box
  • Check / Test Safety Fuses
  • Inspect Main Contact Switch
  • Check Start Kit, Relays and Transformer
  • Test Run Capacitors
  • Check Compressor Operation
  • Oil and Test Condenser Motor
  • Inspect Evaporator Coil
  • Check Condensation Drain
  • Inspect Plenum
  • Check Insulation Tubes / Panels
  • Test Safety Controls

Sounds Good – Not Convinced

If you’re anything like us, a simple bullet point list doesn’t mean a whole lot; while saying we have a 20-point inspection may sound great, if you don’t know what these things mean or why they matter in the first place, then the value is almost entirely lost. To put it simply, our inspections focus on these few key areas to check for common problems and provide you with the best possible AC maintenance and tune-up:

  • Checking your thermostat settings, connection, and its actual input/output relationship with your air conditioner to make sure what you’re entering is being read, signaled, and delivered correctly.
  • Taking a “deep dive” into your system’s efficiency to compare that to what your air conditioner is supposed to supply, is capable of supplying, and what your home actually needs. This means using specialized testing equipment to analyze all ductwork, the external unit itself, and all other components of the system.
  • Checking for any and all safety measures that serve to keep your system from overheating, overrunning, and, especially, from putting you or your family at risk.
  • Inspecting condensation drain, coils, and coolant levels, both of which represent the most common repair and maintenance issues that require above-and-beyond attention.
  • Performing basic cleaning of fan blades, coils, and more to ensure that dust build-up doesn’t hold back your system’s performance.
  • Recommending any and all repairs that can keep your system running for years to come or, failing that possibility, helping you navigate the possibility or necessity of a future AC installation.

Above all, we strive to always do what is in your best interest as a homeowner while working with your budget and financial constrictions to ensure that you get the best possible air conditioning repair and maintenance services possible. It is this commitment that has made Orangutan the most trusted local source for AC repair!

Find the Orange Difference

When you see one of our orange vans or trucks outside your home, you can rest assured that you are in good hands. In fact, our team was recently named the #1 Air Conditioning & Heating Contractors in the United States for the third straight year by HVAC News, making us the best out of over 80,000 contractors nationwide – and we’re an entirely local company, deeply rooted in the Phoenix area. There is plenty to say about what makes Orangutan Home Services different, but it’s best if you experience the difference for yourself.

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