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Pest Control in Phoenix, Tucson & Scottsdale, AZThere are over 94,000 species of pests in the United States.

Pests are a reality of everyday life. No matter how clean you keep your home, pests will find a way in. Pests can not only cause physical damage to your home, they can also spread germs, irritate allergies and generally make the environment in your home uncomfortable

Pests systematically seek out entry points and invade your home to obtain food and water. Once pests find a way in your home, your home provides a perfect environment for them to flourish. It is important to understand the areas of your home that are most susceptible to pest activity.

Termites are a part of life here in the deserts of Arizona.

There are more than 2,600 known termite species found throughout the world, and fifty species are indigenous to the United States. Termites cause an estimated $6.5 billion in property damage in the U.S. annually. Most homes incur about $7,900 in damage before the termites are even detected.